Online Sports Betting at Mobile Devices

The lovers of sports betting know how important fast reactions are. If you have a hot tip, a damn good hunch, or just didn’t have enough time to place your bets in the morning, why would you wait till you get home from work or your training session? Among all gambling games, it is perhaps sports betting that is the easiest to handle from mobile devices; however, the display of background information has presented developers with greater challenges. Check out what mobile devices are suitable for betting, and what the best sports betting sites are offering sports betting for mobile devices, too. It’s good to know that some offices award the first mobile betting with a special bonus or free sports betting.

The advantages of sports betting at mobile devices - What applications help you with sports betting?

Betting at online platforms is far more comfortable. You can choose the sports betting site; look for all the important background information; and place your bets in no time. However, it may happen that there’s no desktop nearby, or you get home later because of a drawn-out meeting, or you haven’t calculated with your evening training / date (or both).

In such cases, mobile betting proves to be an excellent alternative, whether you use an iPhone or have some kind of phone with Android (not to mention tablets, of course). Just log into your account as usual and place your bets. If you need, you can get some prior information on live events, and at certain betting portals, you can even ask for bet notifications in SMS to find out your bet results instantly.

For regular sports bettors, a good statistical database is essential. Obviously, everyone can recall the most important results, but it’s not only the highlighted matches you can bet on...

Another thing which might prove useful is the live broadcast of events so that you can listen to expert comments as well. A third, rather entertaining opportunity is that you can share events on Twitter and Facebook. For example, if you have a circle of friends with whom you tip regularly, you can quickly share your bets and tips with them.

In addition to the above applications, there’s a further advantage to mobile betting. Some offices encourage their bettors by enabling them to place their first couple of bets without any risk up to a smaller amount (usually between €5 and €20).

What kind of mobile devices support sports betting?

The main concern here is not which sports betting sites have a mobile sports betting surface. The majority of sports betting sites have already been providing this option for years. It’s enough to enter the domain name of the sports betting site to your smart phone, and their page is going to appear on your display automatically, optimalised for mobile environment. (If the homepage of your current sports betting site doesn’t work this way, it’s time to change for a better one.)

The question is which sports betting sites make betting a real comfort. It does matter whether you can only place bets, or if your entertainment is boosted with a variety of applications.

If you have an iPhone, you can download these applications from the App Store. If your device uses Android, you can download the necessary application from Google Play.

Windows 8 users can have a little problem, though. As this is a relatively new system, the Windows Phone store enables only a limited number of such downloads. However, it’s good news that Windows 8 users won’t be neglected for a long time either since more and more betting applications are being made for Windows 8 as well. Anyway, the basic betting surfaces of sports betting sites are all available here, too (if not, my advice is the same as above: choose a better office.)

The best sports betting sites which are also available on mobiles

I’m going to discuss three sports betting portals in details here. In all the three cases, it was a basic requirement that besides helping tippers by extra sports betting applications, they should also provide some kind of extra mobile sports betting bonus or free mobile betting as well.

Mobile betting at Unibet

At Unibet, both iPhone and Android users can expect a full scale of services. Just select the store belonging to your system, and you can immediately place your in- or pre-play bets by the help of Unibet Pro.

Although Windows 8 is indicated here, the name of the application in the Windows Store is Unibet Betting, and you can only  on live events. We hope that this fault will be corrected soon, and that the application will be expanded to pre-play bets, too.

Finally, let’s talk about the bonus. If you’ve never betted from your mobile before, Unibet offers you a risk-free bet worth €10. If your tip is not a winning one, the total amount will be refunded to you up to €10.

Go to Unibet.

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Mobile betting at Titan Bet

For the time being, Titan Bet only supports iOS and Android systems in terms of sports betting. As a compensation, users get a very transparent, easy-to-use application from registration through bet placement to the overview of betting history.

Titan Bet rewards the first tip from a mobile device with a risk-free bet up to €10. To this, you need to place at least €10 on a sports event having at least an odds of 1.8. If you lose, a €10 free bet’s going to be credited on your account. In addition to this, several further bonuses and rewards await you.

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Mobile betting at 888 Bet

The mobile betting surface of 888 Bet is available on every mobile device, including Nokia, Blackberry, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Their application, however, for the time being, is only accessible at iPhones or devices using Android. That is, you can place in- and pre-play bets and use the Cash In and Bet & Watch applications only by these ones.

The bettrs of 888 Bet get a €5 risk-free bet when placing their bet from a mobile device for the first time. You need to place at least €1 on an event with at least 1.5 odds. Should you lose, you get a free bet up to €5.

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