Full Tilt Casino

Full Tilt CasinoFull Tilt Poker’s casino games became available for the general public at the beginning of 2014. So far, you can take your chances on roulette and blackjack. Both games can be opened right from the poker lobby, in the high quality software environment we are familiar with at FTP. They do not provide exclusive casino bonuses yet; however, the $600 deposit bonus can also be spun out at roulette as well as blackjack tables. The site’s cool promotions have already attracted a lot of gamblers.

Full Tilt Casino - Game choice

Full Tilt was exclusively known as the temple of poker for a long time; however, since 10th February, 2014, casino games have also been included in their game choice, which is not overreaching at all, as only the proven blackjack and roulette tables and slots are available here. Up to now, there’s no news whether they wish to expand their choice, and if yes, to what directions.

Full Tilt's blackjack can be played in either multi or single mode. In the multi-player mode, maximum 5 players can sit at one table. The single-player mode enables individual play; however, you can also ask for cards to 5 places in one betting round.

Full Tilt blackjack

A lot of online casinos offer even more than twenty versions of this game. FTP properly moderated itself when decided to come up with only 4 versions.

Full Tilt’s micro limit proves to be a big hit by all means, since at most casinos, bets can be placed starting exclusively from $1. For many, this is too high a price just to take a chance on their skills in this genre. I don’t really understand why small-stake players are not taken into consideration in general. The changing of the code can’t cause serious problems. A similar thought might have led FTP to the idea of micro limit, by which, they can easily fill in a market niche. I suspect that in less than 2 months, all the other online casinos will introduce such small-stake versions of blackjack. Here, bets vary between $0.10 and $50, and 6 decks are shuffled in.

In the Atlantic City version of blackjack, there’s no opportunity for surrender; however, you may split your pairs once. Split aces can be followed by one single card, and you can ask for a double for any two-card hands. Betting limits: $1-$100 and $5-$500. Number of decks: 8.

European blackjack: in this best-known version of blackjack, the dealer gets only 1 card (s/he does not deal closed cards to him/herself in advance), and there’s also a loophole (if you don’t like the dealer’s first card, you can get out of the party for the half price of the original bet). Pairs can be separated twice with one exception: aces can be splitted only once. You can double any two-card hands. Betting limits: $1-$100 and $5-$500. Number of decks: 6.

Highroller blackjack is called Double Deck. So, if you like playing in big money, this is the right version for you. The smallest stakes are between $10 - $100; medium ones are $25 - $250, while the biggest ones are $50 - $500. Compared to Atlantic City, the difference is that here only 2 decks are shuffled in.

Full Tilt roulette

While in the case of blackjack, the offered 4 variations are just enough; as for roulette, only the European version can be found here. Presumably, it’s going to be expanded with the basic versions. Both single- and multi-player game modes are available, so if you like placing your bets together with others, you can join 5-player tables. Smaller limits are the most popular so far; however, there’s some action at higher levels, too.

Roulette limits / stakes:

  • $0.10 - $10
  • $1 - $25
  • $5 - $50

By the way, both roulette and blackjack can be tried out in play money as well at the Full Tilt Poker lobby.

Full Tilt Casino - Bonuses, promotions

Full Tilt has not come up with a special casino bonus so far, but if you sign up at their site, you can spin out the $600 deposit bonus by casino games as well, as you also get Full Tilt points after them. This bonus is accessible even by three separate deposits within 90 days - you’re going to have 180 days for the bonus itself.

Poker games come with loads of promotions, but the fans of roulette and blackjack won’t get disappointed either. You can check in to a $20,000 leaderboard now, where the first 100 players having gained the most benefits are rewarded. During a previous promo, prizes were doubled up to $50 - similar offers could also be expected in the future.

Sign up at Full Tilt Poker and try out their blackjack and roulette tables today.