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Full Tilt Casino SmallIt has always been certain that PokerStars has taken over Full Tilt Poker with a definite purpose. On the one hand, they must have taken the American market into consideration, where they would like to return sooner or later (they certainly hoped that the compensation of the American FTP players would shed a good light on them). On the other hand, the lack of casino games and sports betting in the choice of PokerStars was starting to be a sore spot, while all its rivals had already taken their share from this cake.

Since the beginning of the year, Full Tilt has been coming up with more and more casino games; the most recent development is the live-dealer section.

Live-dealer games will prove to be a pleasant experience especially for those who are keen on the unrivaled atmosphere of live casinos and pretty croupier girls. However, they can enjoy all these from the comfort of their home, sitting back in their armchairs with a fine drink in their hands.

Let’s see the game choice.

Full Tilt live casino games - live roulette

European roulette is offered here with the usual 36 numbers + 0, which provides more favourable odds compared to American tables.

The game of Full Tilt is also attractive because there’s possibility for La Partage, which means that in the case of even money bettings (red-black, even-odd, 1-18 and 19-36), if 0 comes out, the bettor gets back half of the betted sum, thus even more wining conditions are provided for players.

Full Tilt live casino games - live blackjack

At the live blackjack tables, the dealers shuffle 8 decks of French playing cards for the game. The dealer deals one open and one hole card for himself/herself, and he/she stops at soft 17.

Players can double their bets on either 2 cards, but there’s no opportunity for Surrender (you can’t take out your blackjack for 50%).

Besides the normal game process, you can place the following sidebets:

  • dealt pairs

Side Bet - Dealt Pairs

  • after combinations with the dealer’s cards

Side Bet - Dealer Cards

Full Tilt live casino games - live baccarat

The baccarat game of Full Tilt is a perfect form of entertainment for those who like cardgames. The rules of pay-out are the following:

  • if you bet on the player’s cards, they pay 1:1 (in the case of a $100 bet, you get $200 back);

  • if you bet on the bank’s cards, 0.5% fee is charged in case you win (so if you place a $100 bet, you get $195 back);

  • if you bet on a draw, you get an 8:1 pay-out (that’s an eightfold pay-out; namely, $800 in the case of a $100 bet).

Maximum 3-3 cards are dealt. If the dealt card is an 8 or a 9, the player doesn’t get more cards. If the value of the player’s card is between 0 and 5, he/she automatically gets the third card. If the value is 6 or 7, the bank draws a card, if the value of its cards is 0-5.

The bank draws a card in the following cases:

  • 0-2: automatically;
  • 3: if the player draws any kind of third card;
  • 4: if the player is between 2 and 7 with his/her third card;
  • 5: if the player is between 4 and 7 with his/her third card;
  • 6: if the player is 6 and 7 with his/her third card;
  • 7-9: the bank doesn’t draw a card.

Full Tilt live casino games - live Casino Hold’em

Of course, Full Tilt doesn’t forget about casino poker games either. Among these, it has chosen the simple casino Holdem for the live section. This game is an entertaining form of Hold’em: the game starts with placing a bet on the Ante, then, after the dealing and the flop, we need to decide about staying in the game (calling) or folding. Since there are only 2 cards left to arrive, the decision is easy: if you have a ready combination, maybe a draw (sometimes it is worth drawing for high cards!), just go on. If you don’t have anything, don’t push on, you should rather get rid of the bad hand and wait for a better one.

Besides the normal game process, there’s a bonus betting, too. Here, you can bet on a combination in a given hand. This bonus betting pays if you manage to get at least one ace pair or a better combination.

A chart for the payments:

Casino Holdem Chart

You can see that Full Tilt takes its casino expansion quite seriously; with its live casino section, it can compete with almost any major rivals. Register at Full Tilt and try out these exciting games! If you would like to get to know more about Full Tilt casino games, read this article - or if you are more interested in poker, you can find a description here.

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