How Have I Become a Full-Time Gambling Worker?

  • Posted on: 18 November 2014
  • By: GyurisGergo

Gambling games have always formed part of everyday life and culture, even if during the course of history, there have always been attempts to redress people’s desire for gambling either for religious, economic or political reasons.

What makes people play gambling games? Curiosity and an urge for winning. The ever-present drive to defy stone-set winning odds believing that they will be the ones who finally manage to set Fortuna beside themselves.

Poker player, croupier and dealer instead of university researcher

As for me, gambling hadn’t played a great role in my life until the end of my university years. I filled in a lottery or pools ticket from time to time, and I had some bets with friends just for kicks. A few of them also attended casinos regularly or tried their fortune on slot machines while drinking in pubs, but I wasn’t interested in such things at all. Perhaps because my parents have never got beyond scratch cards...

Then, in the last years of university, as a postgraduate student, I took up playing poker due to the that time popular poker broadcasts. I had been playing at Stars with play money for almost a year before I dared to deposit $20 to bwin. That night I doubled my bankroll at Pot Limit Holdem, and then I covered my extra expenses from this game for about a year.

I finished a weekend dealer course, and that was the start of it. At first, I helped out with dealing at poker tournaments in a little honkytonk, then after a six-week course, I became a croupier in one of the casinos in the capital. The atmosphere was so bad there that I skipped out after a few months, and I became a dealer in an exclusive poker club in Buda (the more elite part of the capital). For years, I was living under the spell of the baize. This poker club has gone, but a completely new one has been opened in its place, which outweighs its prestigious predecessor in many respects. If you feel like playing live poker, I recommend you the most elegant Hungarian room, the Euro Poker Club.

In the last phase of my dealer years, when I started to get bored with the atmosphere, I undertook a translator job for a webpage called Sit and Go Planet. I got a few articles every month, which I translated into Hungarian. When my job at the club was over (more precisely, we needed to part because of some new regulations), I solely made a living on translation and occassional dealings for a while. One of my most successful translations was the Sit and Go Blueprint; by their own admission, several Hungarian pros have acquired the basics of the game from it.

News editing at Strategy, content management at Sit and Go Planet

In those tight months, even my job at PokerStrategy didn’t help. I wrote loads of news for them, but somehow we couldn’t co-operate in the long run. The company didn’t go so well at that time; they had some reorganisations, so we said goodbye to each other. Then I almost chose playing poker full-time again; my aim was to get the Supernova Elite status at PokerStars and to rake the 100 thousand bucks, of course. I had a coach with whom I had contracted on a fifty-fifty basis.

However, it came to nothing because the owner of SNG Planet, Mark hired me as a blog writer and later as an editor as well. Since then, I have been managing his poker sites; I’m primarily responisble for contents. Among others, these sites include Sit and Go Planet, the Poker Bonus Club series (this is a Hungarian one) or Póker Alapok (Poker Basics - this is in Hungarian, too.) Today I don’t only manage his poker sections, but I’m also in charge of the development of a new portal, the Hight Tech Gambling.

Well before our common work with my boss, I had been planning to launch sites covering the whole spectrum of online gambling - who wouldn’t be planning of this in this industry? Anyway, this year time has finally come, and me and my team have launched our page in 4 languages. After lengthly organisation and hard work, we have English, German, Polish and Hungarian contents too. And now you can also read the first blog post of the site!

At the site of Online Gambling Arena, we attempt to provide an overall picture of gambling games available online. As the supply is huge, obviously everybody is interested in what the best available offers are; where the biggest bonuses are given, and so on. In our news section, we regularly follow the latest promotions, and in the blogs, I share my personal experience with you. If we manage to reach the necessary turnover at the page, we will offer own promotions, free poker bankroll and free spins.

Well, that’s all about the aims of the site briefly… and turning back to the original question of the title, I have personally started poker because of excitement and challenges to bring a change of scene to my days spent with reading and writing. Who would have thought those days that a promising young full of academic plans would end up being a full-time gambler sacrificing to Fortuna day by day both as a writer-translator and a real player? Anyhow, I think until I enjoy it, I’ll stick to this field.

Have a good time playing, all of you!