Money in online gambling games – What kind of reward systems are available?

My recent article is about the different rewards gambling game sites are offering to players to keep them at their tables. If you are skillful enough, these amounts might add up a nice sum, making the entertainment that costs money for others profitable for you. You get these rewards in the forms of bonuses, cash, different gifts or free game opportunities.

Gambling rewards at online casinos

Online casinos reward players in many ways; however, their biggest attraction undoubtedly lies in huge prizes; namely, in that you can hit jackpots worth millions of euros. There are deposit and reload bonuses, loyalty programs and other extras, too. The most frequent options together with some explanations are listed below.

Casino bonuses: these are attached to deposits. Bonuses are credited on the accounts of new players with beneficial conditions. To get them, you need to place bets particular times. In the case of games where the edge of the house is smaller, you need to move money more times; while at bigger house edge, fewer times are enough. You get points for every real money game, so you can easily keep record of how many more points you need to get hold of your bonus. There are reload bonuses as well, when after reloading your account, you are rewarded with a bonus. The conditions offered here are a bit worse than those of the first deposit bonuses; however, they are not bad offers at all. You can go over the best deposit bonuses here.

Casino jackpots: especially slots are advertised with jackpots, but you can also meet jackpot prizes at certain types of blackjack, roulette and other games as well. The jackpot pool consists of a small percent of the bets of players. Although the likelihood of winning jackpots here is quite low, it is still higher than that of winning the ones at lotteries. And the small chance is definitely balanced by the huge jackpot sums ranging from more hundreds of thousands to millions. The biggest jackpots are enlisted in a chart in the article.

Casino point races, casino leaderboards: they are advertised periodically and usually for a certain game type; for example, for blackjack. The aim is that players should place as many bets as they can at a chosen game. The ones collecting the most points can take their share of a predetermined prize pool. Be prepared that without a sufficient bankroll, you have no chance to win such challenges. As these are occasional offers, always get informed about the current offers in our News section.

Casino loyalty programs: the more you play during the year, the more appreciated you will be at the given online casino. In return for the many games, you are entitled to different VIP statuses, which often mean exclusive gifts, journeys or cash. Every casino has come up with a different loyalty program; the best ones are reviewed here.

Extra casino rewards: to boost the game, sometimes gifts are given if you try the games on your mobile, or if you like the casino’s Facebook page. Several special offers are also provided; our News section regularly informs about the most creative ones.

Rewards at online sports betting sites

Compared to casino games, in sports betting, the edge of the house is smaller, or rather the house can calculate with this edge more difficultly. Although the odds are created so that the system will be beneficial for the house in the long run, professional sports bettors still rid them of quite a lot of money. In addition, it’s pretty hard to work out a really good rewarding system for sports betting. In general, deposit bonuses and extra rewards are offered. Although the amount of motivating gifts is slightly less here than in casinos and poker rooms, people love sports betting so much that this field would be soaring even without the existing rewards.

Sports betting bonuses: they are also attached to deposits. 50-200% of your deposited money is credited to you in the form of bonuses. You need to bet your money pre-determined times to have each bonus installment credited. I have created a comparison about the best sportsbetting bonuses. Read it.

Sports betting loyalty programs: it’s very rare that a sports betting office pays back money after the placed bets, but there are a few exceptions, such as RedKings Bet. The amount of cash back is calculated here on the basis of how many times you betted in the previous 120 days, so you can get 10%, 15% or even 20% back.

Extra sports betting rewards: they are mainly advertised in the form of occasional special offers, and they are related to major sports events such as the Football World Cup or a significant tennis tournament. However, there are cases when one of the sites introduces a new mobile application, and offers free bets to celebrate the event.

Rewards at online poker rooms

Online poker is perfectly suitable for motivating its players with different rewards. From welcome bonuses, free games and jackpots to loyalty programs, almost everything serves the interests of players. Rakeback, namely, giving back part of the deposited fee, used to be very popular; today, however, almost every room prefers players’ missions and challenges.

Poker bonuses: every room gives some kind of bonus related to deposits. It is worth paying attention to what installments they are provided in, and to how much time is left for playing them out. Smaller poker rooms, for instance, were tricking with leaving impossibly little time or requested unfeasible conditions for the obtaining of bonuses. So never forget to check what the conditions are. Click and get to know who are offering the best poker bonuses.

Free poker money, freeroll poker tournaments: these gifts are intended for those who don’t know for sure where they would like to play, or whether they will like online poker. Free poker money is usually given in the form of tokens or entry fees, so you can try tournaments or even cash games without any risks. At freeroll tournaments, you can even win smaller sums.

Poker loyalty programs: they are one of the major income sources of regular players. The more hands or competitions you take part in, the more loyalty points you will get. You can exchange your loyalty points to remarkable bonuses from certain levels. A part of online pros can make a luxurious living only out of these programs.

Poker jackpots: just like at casinos, there are also jackpot games here; for example, when you have a royal flush on special jackpot cash game tables. There are jackpot sit and go tournaments, where you need to show up a certain amount of victories in a row for a €2,000-€35,000 jackpot. At lottery sit and go games, you can fight for even the thousandfold of your buy-in. Get to know more about jackpot prizes.

Poker point races, poker leaderboards: you can ensure your place at the battle for extra rewards here by taking part in as many games or being as successful as possible. You can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars this way; of course, you need to spend quite a lot of time in front of the screen. If you want to know where you can find the best value leaderboards and point races, click.

Poker missions, poker challenges: this new rewarding form has spread recently. There are more simple challenges, like winning a hand with a pair of aces at showdown; or more complicated ones, like winning three times in a row at a sit and go tournament. What is common in them is that these challenges reveal the opportunities lying in poker by instructing. The gifts are mainly smaller buy-ins or minor bonuses, but if you keep completing missions with persistence, you can get hold of quite serious sums.

Rakeback: although rakeback is already a thing of the past everywhere, there are still rooms, where a 20-30-50% rakeback is offered just to play at them. At places where there’s no rakeback offer, generally loyalty programs fulfill a similar function.