Poker and Sports Betting - Who Do You Think Will Win the Main Event of the WSOP in November?

The November final of the World Series of Poker is offering a unique opportunity - you can win with poker in sports betting sites now!

The organizers have been conducting the main event of the Vegas poker world championship in two parts since 2008. At this several-day event starting in July, they always wait until the field of thousands of players diminishes to the 9 people of the final table. Afterwards a break of more months follows, which both the WSOP and the competitors exploit in terms of advertising. The former ones try to sell as many commercials as possible, while the players attempt to gain exclusive sponsorships. By the time the final in November arrives, poker fans can get to know the wannabe champions thoroughly - so in possession of the necessary information, they can place their bets wisely enough.

This year’s WSOP champion is going to be richer with 10 million dollars. You can easily calculate how long it would take to earn this sum with different jobs - the has prepared superb infographics about how much time would the best-earning celebrities need to make this amount of money. Of course, you can also find out what you could afford out of this fortune...

This article reveals who are considered the most likely to win the WSOP champion’s title. Beside the names, you can find the odds as well as the current number of chips. Below the chart, I have also summarized in a few sentences what is worth to know about the November Nines. Most of the bets can be placed until 9th November! The greatest number of subbets are found at the site of Ladbrokes.

November Nine - The FinalistStarting StackUnibetLadbrokesBetssonTitan BetSportingbet
Jorryt van Hoof (Netherlands)38,375,0003.534.544
Felix Stephensen (Norway)32,775,0004.54555
Mark Newhouse (USA)26,000,00044.54.55.56
Andoni Larrabe (Spain)22,550,00068798
Dan Sindelar (USA)21,200,000881088.5
William Pappaconstantinou (USA)17,500,000121171111
William Tonking (USA)15,050,000151691115
Martin Jacobson (Sweden)14,900,000861288
Bruno Politano (Brazil)12,125,000181813.51713

The members of the November Nine in 2014

Jorryt van Hoof: the Dutch competitor has the most chips; he is going in for the champion’s title with a three times bigger stack than Bruno, who comes with the smallest stack. He has obtained only 3 WSOP titles up to now; however, during his career, he has already gained almost half million dollars on poker.

Felix Stephensen: it will be the biggest success of the Norwegian player ever; he has only won 32 thousand dollars at poker tournaments. He is one of the two players for whom this is going to be the first ITM ranks at the WSOP.

Mark Newhouse: the American player won a huge sum right at the beginning of his career; his first place at the WPT Borgata tournament was worth 1.5 million dollars. He was in the final at the WSOP’s main event last year as well; having repeated this virtuoso performance, he must finish at a more elegant place this year.

Andoni Larrabe: although the Spanish player had his first poker achievement three years ago, he has already reached the top and can fight fot the 10-million-dollar jackpot. It’s a good sign that he has gained a paying position several times at WSOP tournaments.

Dan Sindelar: altogether 17 WSOP prizes are indicated beside the name of the American player; with this, he is certainly the most experienced as far as the Vegas championship is concerned. No wonder that he is considered to have somewhat more chance compared to the other members of the mid-field.

William Pappaconstantinou: this player with a supposedly Greek descend is a real suprise; as much as he hasn’t appeared in the database of WSOP so far. According to HendonMob, he has only won three prizes up to now. The question is whether he will be satisfied with the first big success of his life or whether he wants to rake a really big sum this time.

William Tonking: the American player has been active outside the WSOP as well in the recent years, but he can’t really show up anything else than that. However, it is the very reason why he is my secret favourite - and betting on him does pay quite well at betting sites!

Martin Jacobson: the Swedish player is undoubtedly the most experienced competitor. The question in his case is how far he can get from the last but one position. At the major competitions, he has always finished at the top; time has perhaps come for him to get hold of a really remarkable champion’s title.

Bruno Politano: the Brazilian player has also been quite active since July; he has finished at paying places at a few rather famous tournaments. One thing is sure: he will have the hardest task to face, as he is the one entering with the least chips. However, he isn’t lagging behind as much as in the previous years.

WSOP November Nine 2014

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