PokerStars Review: the Giant of Online Poker is Still the Best

PokerStars Main PagePokerStars reached the top in 2006, and no other poker room has been able to catch up with it since then. It is as popular as ever; however, the secret of its success is very simple: they have created everything bearing the best interests of the players in mind. You can find the biggest game choice, the most poker tournaments and the most exciting fast poker (Zoom Poker) here. Of course, the most beneficial poker offers also await you on this site. Its poker bonus is highly popular because you have two options: you either get $20 free, or you take advantage of a deposit bonus, which you can redeem even with 3 different deposits.

Why is it worth playing at PokerStars?

  • In the introduction, quite a few benefits have already been mentioned, but let’s see an itemized list now so that you can compare PokerStars with other poker sites more easily.
  • Best choice in poker games: they cover all poker versions from Texas Holdem through Omaha to Seven Stud and Draw games, plus they have Badugi and mixed games (HORSE et al.).
  • Impressive turnover of players: on average there are 170-200 thousand players here at the same time, and at least 100 thousand people sit at the tables even at lunchbreak. So you will have plenty of opponents!
  • An incredible amount of poker tournaments and satellites, including the tournament series Sunday Million and Poker Tour.
  • Optional bonus: free $20 to your account immediately or $600 even in three installments with marketing code PSP15730.

Registration at PokerStars

To get your bonuses, you need to use 2 codes. The PokerStars marketing code during registration and the PokerStars bonus code during your first deposit.

  1. Delete the cookies from your browser.
  2. Click on the link and download the software of
  3. During account opening, set ‘Marketing Code (if available)’ in the ‘Choose Source’ line and enter marketing code PSP15730.
  4. Choose the ‘Deposit’ button in the pop-up window.
  5. Copy the number sent to you by e-mail to the ‘Validation Code’ line.
  6. Select the mode of deposit, the amount you would like to deposit, and finally, enter bonus code FREE20 to the free $20, or enter bonus code STARS600 if you want to get the 3 x 100% bonus.

PokerStars bonuses, promotions

PokerStars has been heaping its regular players with the most generous refunds for years. Nevertheless, the rewarded target audience has slightly changed nowadays: new and recreational players can expect more rewards due to the site’s latest guidelines. Challenges, shootout all-in tournaments, free tokens - not a day passes without some kind of surprise.

I have already talked about the welcome bonus in details; you need to choose between the free $20 and the $600 deposit bonus here, which you can get by entering the 2 codes mentioned above. The two exclude each other; that is, once you have made use of one of them, you can’t claim the other. I’d rather only make a proposal here: in my opinion, the $20 offer rather aims at beginner players or those who for the time being don’t have an appropriate bankroll to play poker. I consider the $600 offer far more valuable; it concerns a bigger sum; what’s more, playing for the bonus teaches you self-discipline and planning ahead.

PokerStars milestones and VIP rewards

While playing for the bonus, you can get hold of further rewards, too: after reaching a certain amount of points, PokerStars rewards poker players with smaller sums. These are called milestones. You can collect a total of $1,200 reward money a year this way.

The other option is rather for regular players, who can devote even at least 1-2 hours a day for playing. This is because in return for a bigger amount of games, you can get different kind of statuses, which entitle you to more and more and bigger and bigger bonuses and cash rewards. You can reach 5 monthly statuses altogether, and players who also do well on a yearly basis can have 2 very valuable statuses.

By reaching the Supernova level, you will be entitled to an approximately 40% refund. This means that you get back 40% of your deposited fees in the form of cash, bonuses and tournament buy-ins. And check this out: by reaching the Supernova Elite level, you can even get hold of a 70% refund. On a yearly basis, thus more than 100 thousand dollars can land on your account in the form of rewards, not to mention your pure profit.

PokerStars cash game and Zoom Poker

PokerStars is surely unbeatable in cash games, which attract as many players as all the other listed poker rooms together. Even the most complicated game version has a stable player base; not to mention the more well-known Holdem and Omaha sections. Whether fix limit, pot limit or no limit is your game, you can find all of them here.

The biggest charm of the cash game at PokerStars is that tables are available at any time of the day. You don’t have to worry that a company breaks up and you can’t join another one. At lower limits, even table selection seems to be working. However, I don’t want to hide the drawback of the site either: you can encounter skilled or even professional opponents in greater number here, against whom simple, proven tricks won’t work.

Today, however, the overwhelming majority of Zoom Poker characterizes the room. Thousands of players choose Zoom, the own, fast poker game of PokerStars day by day. The developers of Stars weren’t indifferent to the popularity of Rush Poker at the time either - and by Zoom, they basically surpassed the original one. If you haven’t tried this version yet, you need to know that players join fields and not tables here. A new hand begins with new opponents immediately after a folding. It is automatically drawn by an algorithm. You can save plenty of time and energy this way, and the number of hands per hour also increases. You can take part in more offers in less time; so the advantages are quite clear.

PokerStars tournaments

PokerStars has always stood out of its rivals by its tournaments. Its organizers have been characterized with professionalism since the very beginning. They have refined the tournament structure till it has allowed an almost perfect conduct. They were the first to introduce the deal at the final table, and they have made late registration and the idea of synchronized breaks a success (from the 55th minute of every hour, for 5 minutes, there’s a universal break at every tournament). Today all of these developments are natural; however, without PokerStars, poker tournaments wouldn’t be so well-organised anywhere else either.

But what’s the choice? The truth is that whatever tournament, version or structure should you be fond of, you will surely find it here. It would be surprising if you couldn’t select a tournament you like from the more thousand ones running daily. Let’s see a few examples, though. Their series called Bigger has become known among common players. It is launched every day at more limits.

It is also PokerStars that organizes the most major events at the weekends. These include such iconic tournaments as the Sunday Million or the Sunday Storm, which are probably known even by those ones who haven’t been so interested in poker before. At the Sunday Million, 1 million dollars are guaranteed for the participants every Sunday, and its champions can take at least 100 thousand dollars home week by week.

The other advantage of PokerStars is that it is quite strong at organising festivals: in spring they conquer with the SCOOP; in autumn with the WCOOP; while they fill the rest of the year with the MicroMillions and the TCOOP. These are online tournament series whose each and every event in the tournament calendar awaits the participants with guaranteed prizes. I’m going to deal with these in a separate article later.

PokerStars software and deposit

PokerStars has taken its software display very seriously since the beginning. It has always paid attention to the fact that its players can display the tables where they play in a very unique way.Thus you can tailor the layout as you like it the best. Free transfer among players? No problem. Are you multi-tabling? Stars has made the life of grinders the most comfortable possible. Compared to other poker rooms, the way they have arranged the tables is a real relief.

Besides its display and the easy navigation, Stars excels in terms of deposits, too. If your chosen online wallet or deposit option doesn’t appear on its list, you’d better opt for something else. Financial transactions are fast and smooth with it; and I don’t only think of deposits, but of pay-outs as well. Why is that you get your withdrawal in a few minutes with PokerStars, while other rooms ask you to wait a few days or even a week? I’ll reveal the secret. For Stars, it is the players who count; they are the ones who matter. All the other rooms could stop wasting players’ time at outgoing payments, but they don’t give a damn that they make a living of you. That’s the way it is!

PokerStars on mobile devices

Appearing on mobile platforms has become very important for one or two years, since tablets and smart phones have become parts of our everyday life. And why would online poker be absent of all other mobile applications?

Well, Stars has done everything to provide a useable display even on the smallest screen, including iPhone or devices with Android. They don’t have a viable solution exclusively for Windows Phones, but it won’t last long.

On mobile devices, PokerStars enables the opening of 4 tables at the same time, and there are some restrictions concerning game choice and deposits, too. However, overall, they set the example the others follow. If you are a complete beginner, and you have never played online poker before, I recommend you to carry out the account opening at home, and start your experiments with mobile platforms only after that, thus you can be sure of avoiding unpleasant surprises.

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