The Main Event of WCOOP Is Coming Soon - Who Is Going to Win the 1.5-Million-Dollar Prize and the Champion’s Title?

World Championship of Online Poker Main Event - guaranteed $1.5 million

WCOOP 2014The most prestigious online tournament series of the world has already been over the two thirds of its scheduled tournament calendar, but the last big challange is coming only at the end of next week - this is when it turns out who is going to win the $1.5-million first-place prize of the WCOOP Main Event, which itself is guaranteed for 10 million dollars.

This year WCOOP has returned to the highest guaranteed prize; from last year’s $8 million dollars, the sum has again risen to 10 million. It has a clear message: the organisers are convinced that at least 2,000 competitors are going to pay the $5,000 + $200 entry fee (more than 200 people have entered the series so far).

Here’s a list of the WCOOP winners from the past three years:

  • 2013: PlayinWasted (Germany) - $1,493,499
  • 2012: maratik (Russia) - $1,000,907
  • 2011: Kallllle (Danmark) - $1,260,018

WCOOP Main Event satellites

Of course, not everybody can cough up this heavy sum, but PokerStars is very much aware of that, so they launch more dozens of satellites alone to the WCOOP Main Event daily. In the following, I have summarized what opportunities you can grab next week to get to the event somewhat cheaper. Besides the champion’s title, the ultimate winner can expect a life changing prize here!

WCOOP Main Event - Sit and Go satellites: you can find these in the lobby under the tabs Events -> WCOOP -> Sit & Go Satellites. Enter WCOOP-66 (this is the number of the Main Event) to the field on the left, and you can choose from countless Sit and Go satellites immediately. Most of these are available for FPPs; that is, you can finance the qualifiers from the loyalty points credited to you after your games. There are also Step 5 Sit and Goes (for $700) and $690 simple turbo Sit and Go satellites - from these, 1 out of 9 participants gets into the WCOOP Main Event. The other Sit and Go satellites are drop-out matches: from a 6-participant tournament, 2 players get into the Main Event; the others drop out.

WCOOP Main Event - Deadline satellites: there are $82, $700 and $2,100 options (though if someone can afford the lattest one, they are probably able to pay the $5,200 entry fee). All of them start not long before the Main Event: at 19:30, 19:45 and 20:15.

WCOOP Main Event - Sub-qualifiers: the first level (Rd1) comes with an incredible diversity: satellites range from less than $1 to $82. The second level (Rd2) is far more unified: there are only $215 qualifiers, but you can decide whether to enter a hyper or a turbo version.

It’s sure that there will be some super satellites, too - they are worth being followed because even 50-100 people can get into the WCOOP Main Event from them.

Click and make sure you get your place at the main event of this year’s biggest online tournament series - 10 million dollars are at stake!

If you want to know more about PokerStars, read this article.

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