Work as a Gambling Affiliate

Online gambling has become a stunning business in the past 15 years. Billion-dollar companies have grown out of practically nothing. Brands like 888, PokerStars or Betfair provide entertainment (and sometimes a living) for millions at the market.

Many try to build a career as players in the world of gambling. However, besides persistence, you also need patience for professional sports betting or poker since getting rich or simply making ends meet won’t happen overnight. Both of them require a lot of practice, a sufficient bankroll for surviving variance and, of course, time and energy. I personally, for example, have always remained profitable in poker; nonetheless, I’ve never managed to reach the top.

The other way of establishing a career in gambling is working as a gambling affiliate. It’s important not to confuse it with the Refer a Friend program. The two are as different as chalk and cheese! Referring a friend usually provides you with a smaller bonus or an instant reward, but not nearly as big as the ones you can get by recruiting players, which can be done offline, but a much more lucrative investment is creating an online informational page.

Which are the best affiliate programmes?

It’s difficult to decide for the first time since certain gambling affiliate sites with high benefits set very strict conditions, while others don’t have any prerequisites; however, their benefits are lower, too.

The best affiliate programmes for advanced gambling affiliates

If you already have some experience in the field of recruiting, or you feel a strong commitment, it is worth sending players directly to gambling sites. They expect affiliates with really serious intentions. After reading the terms of the contract, you need to present the website you intend to advertise their services with. So, it’s advisable to create a page and write part of its contents in advance for proving your commitment. Attention! Certain pages stipulate that in case they are not satisfied with your performance, they can terminate work relations. I have listed the 5 best affiliate programmes below, but I also have an article which presents all the major affiliate programmes.

The best beginner affiliate programmes

There are big affiliate sites who pay for recruiting players for them and not directly for gambling sites. The dividend is lower, but it’s an easier solution than starting to build up a similar enterprise from scratch. Moreover, these sites are well-advertisable as they always offer a few extra things. If you are a starter affiliate, I recommend to start working with them, gain experience, and if things go well, invest the money you have earned in an own page.

What else do you need for recruiting players?

If you have decided on trying out this mode of earning money, you need to make sure first that you can have the money you earned transferred. Generally, the best choice to transact your money easily and fast is to register an e-wallet besides your bank account.

The best e-wallets

Among the available e-wallets, I prefer the following ones (I’ve tried and still use all of them):

  • Skrill: it’s accessible in 12 languages with low fees and a prepaid card. Click here for registration, and here for details.
  • PayPal: it’s available in almost every language and can be used in 203 countries of the world. For the time being, prepaid cards can’t be claimed outside the United States. Transferring money to bank accounts is free; however, their other services are a bit more expensive than the ones at other e-wallets. Further information - registration.
  • NETELLER: they are available in 15 languages, and their fees are acceptable, too. They also heve a prepaid card. You can transfer in and out fast. You can find further information here, while this link is for registration.

Online platform for advertising: a blog or a website?

The best thing for advertising is to create a platform on the web as you can get to more people in a specific time this way than by trying to convince them personally. Since nobody likes spams, I don’t advise you to try to persuade your friends or strangers on, say Facebook. (It’ different though if you share articles on Twitter or Facebook.)

The notable advantage of blogs is that they are free; all you need to do is write the posts. You don’t need to deal with either the design or the programming; you get everything ready-made. A good blog can be an excellent base; in addition, you can support your following webpage with it. It is worth starting with a blog, thus you can test how well you can write or how fast you can get new visitors, readers. Some advice: the more interesting topics you write about with the less direct advertising, the more appreciation you will get from visitors. Being credible is very important. You shouldn’t make your readers register by all means, with each and every sentebce of yours. You should rather offer them the opportunity to do so - if you have enough readers, the more curious ones will try the advertised sites anyway. The drawback of blogs is that you can’t create everything according to your taste - the engine of the blog sets certain limits in these terms.

I recommend the following blogs:

The benefit of websites is that you can create everything as you wish. Are you in favour bigger font sizes? Do you have definite ideas about the colours of your page? With homepages, you have a far wider scope even if you use a content managing solution.

Domain names and data storage are worth buying at the following pages (I have also tried out these ones; all of them work well and reliably).

  • GoDaddy
  • Bluehost
  • HostGator

Content managing systems make the editing of articles and the handling of advertisements simple. The most popular content managing systems are the following today:

  • Drupal: its benefit is that it can handle more complicated situations; its drawback is that its use requires more competence.
  • Wordpress: its advantage is that its handling is very simple; its disadvantage is that originally it was designed for blogging, so it’s a bit inflexible in technical terms.
  • Joomla: like in Drupal, a lot of panels help the webmaster’s work here; however, its use is easier compared to that of Drupal - I have no personal experience with it, but my friends using Joomla are very satisfied with it.

Creating a design can take up a lot of time. I advise you to start with a ready-made design and template so that you can concentrate on the contents immediately. You can finalize the look later on, if you already have the time and money for it. Here are a few sites where you can get a ready-made, quality design cheap:

Other useful tools for working on the web

I’ve collected some useful tools which might come in handy later for analysis and work:

Of course, recruiting is not only viable in the gambling industry; you can test your skills as an affiliate in several other fields as well.